Welcome to BrowseSharp!

BrowseSharp is an open source headless browser implementation for c#. The browser is built on top of the RestSharp HTTP client, Jint JavaScript engine, and AngleSharp. BrowseSharp allows easy navigation of the web giving users quick access to javascript files and css styles for each request. BrowseSharp is Ideal for web scraping with support for css querying of elements, and the ability to execute javascript.

Web Requests

BrowseSharp is all about navigating the web. It makes it simple and easy to navigate the web and submit forms.

With each request, BrowseSharp packages a document containing all external and inline javascript as well as all external and inline css styles.

Javascript Execution

On top of scraping all javascript from each web request, BrowseSharp also gives you the ability to execute javascript. This is very useful in scenarios when websites store data in javascript json objects.

Html Parsing

The ability to parse html documents is critical for any headless browser. BrowseSharp utilizes the AngleSharp parsing library to allow users to write css querys for parsing html dom elements.